Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A Strange Land - What's This About?

So, Happy New Year!  About time to introduce this blog, I reckon.

I've started blogging for a couple of reasons.  First, it offers me a chance to figure out what I think about a bunch of issues I encounter in my business life - to reflect on what they mean, why they might matter, etc.  Second, for those with whom I've connected, it's an opportunity, should they want one, to see what I'm thinking - to stay in touch with the issues I'm working through, and perhaps to even engage with me on them.

If these are the 'why', there are some guidelines I have to set myself.  
  • Topics have to be those that could be of interest to more than just me - and, specifically, to the group of people with whom I have worked, am working, or will work.  That means I'm likely to focus on technology, media & broader business related issues - be they industry, market, adoption, management, strategy, leadership or whatever
  • So, no holiday snaps per se, no family histories, no social life - this is not my life-story played out in semi-real time
  • On the other hand, if I'm working through issues for myself, then expect my values, beliefs and context to show through - I don't want to be compartmentalised.
  • And finally, if this is to be of use to me and of potential interest to others, I have to blog on a regular basis - expect at least weekly posts, except during holidays.  
So, why the title and tag line?  They're about me finding these to be strange and unusual times - and my ambivalence about that.  Yes, I work with and am enthusiastic about the changes technology brings - but I'm also wary of some of the impacts of that change.  So, I find myself wondering where I am, what's really going on - and feeling, on occasion, far from home.

And the references - for those who are especially curious -DylanTS Eliot (and through him Shakespeare and Seneca), and the Bible are all in there.  I'm sure there are other echoes too.

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