Monday, 9 February 2009

Well, yes, and your point is ...

You know how sometimes you read something and you are clearly less surprised than the writer?  Been one of those days.

Example 1: IDC reports that SMBs are using data protection (ie backup, recovery, etc) technologies only previously seen in enterprise data centers.  So, as an SMB (at the small end) who synchronises data between two computers, backs up to an external drive, and backs up to a cloud, this isn't really that surprising to me.  Been doing it for about three years.  

Is it just that I'm a smug git?  Not just that.  Rather, consumerisation of IT (as the analysts have been telling us) is real.  It means that technology adoption (and sophistication) moves more rapidly from enterprises through SMBs to consumers - and then the flow reverses as technology adoption starts at home.  There, t
hose protecting photographs, movies, their entire music collection, etc, now have tools available to them to back-up in sophisticated, rapid, easy to recover ways.  SMBs - well of course they get there too.

Example two: Computer Weekly reports on an NCC Group study that demonstrated that managers click through on games links they're sent, and play them at work.   If this is news to anybody then I suspect it's more a comment on how out of touch with the realities of online behaviour they are.  

But, I realised, the unknown links I click through most are, of course, news stories - like this Computer Weekly one - from aggregator sites.  Wonder how many managers have clicked through news stories without checking where they're going first?  More than click through to games? I think it's possible. 

Postscript: I clicked through to the NCC Group site to read the story there and got a browser warning about the site wanting to run a dll that claimed to be from Microsoft Corporation.  Sounds dodgy to me.

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